Meeting Rooms in CFB

Two Meeting Rooms, (Room 1 and Room 2) are located top corridor of the CFB. These are available for staff (and external users)  to book for internal and external use.

N.B. Other meeting/conference room venues are available on campus please contact Mrs J Bell, Site Resources & Lettings Administrator, for more information

When requesting use of Meeting Room 2, IT equipment must be booked separately. No IT equipment is available in the room.

Meeting Room 1contains a large touch screen with a PC, webcam and wireless keyboard/mouse, operation of this is explained further down the page

Contact reception to book either room. A calendar of bookings is shown immediately below:

Meeting Room 1 - instructions for operating the screen/PC

The PC is fixed to the wall behind the screen, bottom right and is turned on via a small on/off button located on the PC. The on/off switch will light up when on.

The Screen

The screen is turned on/off via a remote control

N.B. If the screen does not display a windows login, change the input on the remote to DisplayPort.

Visiting users - can use their own devices with the screen. A small patch box is located behind the screen on the right and various leads are in the room to allow the connection of the device to the screen. (No connections for tablets is available)

When using the patch box, the INPUT must be changed to allow the screen to display the correct device e.g. VGA, HDMI, etc

To enable touch control, disconnect the beige coloured USB lead from the patch box and put into the device (PC, Laptop) being used.